Annotations with Curve Image



What are Annotations?

Annotations are a new feature available to Curve Image users. Annotations allow clinical information to be applied directly onto a digital image. The new functionality includes the ability to add linear, elliptical, and angle measurements, as well as highlight sections of an image as an ‘Area of Interest.’ A built-in calibration feature ensures that measurements are accurate and are clinically reliable.

All of the annotations placed on an image can also have clinical notes applied to them. This means that the clinical information relative to the measurement or area you need to watch is directly available from the annotation. This includes the ability to add more than one note to an annotation. Annotations are also available to images displayed in mounts.

Annotations will be available to any new images captured in Curve Image, as well as any existing images in a patient’s record.

We are confident that the Annotation feature will be an invaluable part of your clinical tool-set.


Let’s take a closer look a the Annotations tools:

Measurement Tools

Measurement tools for Curve Image are available in the new ‘Annotation’ menu:

To open the Annotation menu

  1. Select either the ‘Annotation (A)’ button in the Image Viewer, or use the keyboard shortcut, ‘A’. The Annotation menu can also be used in Full Screen mode.
  2. The Annotation menu can also be opened from the Mount view. When a mount slot is selected as active, the ‘Annotate (A)’ button will become active. When the button is selected, the image will open in Full Screen mode, with the Annotation menu available.

Annotations in Curve Image include the following annotation types:

Note - For all of the measurement tools, it is recommended that the calibration process be followed to ensure the accuracy of the measurement.

Each annotation type can be edited, and can have Notes applied to it.

Click here to learn more about deleting annotations.


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