Using Get My Data



This quick guide outlines the steps required to obtain all practice data within Curve Hero using the Get My Data feature.


The Get My Data feature produces a downloadable text file that includes the information stored within a practice’s database. As this is a text file, it does not contain images or documents. For a complete copy of all practice information, contact the Customer Service Team.


This feature is only available to users with Administrator access.


  1. In the Sidekick, click the More menu, then click Administration within the drop-down list.

  2. In the Administration menu, within the Reporting drop-down list, click Get My Data.

  3. In the Get My Data Module, click the Get My Data button.

  4. Within the Download column, the spinner indicates the data is processing.

  5. Note: After a download is started, additional activities can be performed in Curve Hero as the Get My Data operation will run in the background.

  6. When the process completes, click the download icon to download the data file.

  7. Note: The Get My Data process may take a full day to complete. After the file is produced, it will be available in Curve Hero for seven days. If the file is required after this period, it must be generated again.

    Note: If the data file cannot be opened with a standard text editor (e.g. Microsoft Notepad), download the Notepad++ editor.

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P Please consider the environment before printing this quick guide.